My name is Nicholas Neissa.  I am a recent graduate from New York University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Game Design.  My biggest passion in life has always been creating stories through games.  I have always been amazed by what game designers have made through the years and the incredible levels of creativity achieved by developers of all sorts.  The main area of focus I have always been interested in has been design work and creating the ideas for worlds and stories for the player to discover and explore.  However, through recent years I have had a strong interest in 3D art and have been working on modeling creatures and objects for my own games.

I have been working sporadically within the Games Industry for two years now and have completed two separate internships at developers in New York City and San Mateo, California.  I am currently living in New York City but have lived both in the states of New York and Massachusetts as well as in Europe in London for some time.  

I have worked on a number of different aspects of game development during my time working within the industry and have a developed skills in a number of categories ranging from design, programming, art, and modeling.


Game Designer

3D Artist

Sound Designer