Organic Evil

Organic Evil is a 3D Hack n' Slash Bullet Hell.  When I first envisioned the concept for this game I had thought of an alternative approach to mechanics in a bullet hell since almost every variant was projectile based combat through enemies and the player.  I had wanted to change this by introducing an alternative mechanic which was far more past paced, intense and removed any possibility of a "safe space" since the player is literally slicing through enemies almost every second.  It is a score based game where each enemy adds on to your multiplier and each time the player is damaged it is reset to zero, requiring quick careful placement of attacks and constant mobility.

The main elements of the game are all 3D models that were produced and animated in Autodesk Maya.  Each one was textured in Substance Painter and modified later in Unity as well.  All of the audio was edited and produced in Adobe Audition 2019.  The background and UI was all designed and developed in Adobe Photoshop 2019.


Vainglory is a 3D top down MOBA developed by SuperEvil Megacorp. I worked as a design intern over the summer of 2017 and was involved with multiple aspects of design.  I was immediately integrated into the design team under the Lead Game Designer, Patrick O'Callahan, and was first tasked with mock-ups for new potential game modes under the lead of designer George Liu.  My main focus while working there was the design and development of new heroes that would later be introduced.  I was involved in multiple characters' design including Grace, Reza, and Churnwalker.  The majority of my time was spent working with designer Nicholas Teng on the new hero Reza, which he had conceptualized and introduced into the game.  I was tasked with the balancing of Reza's skills and abilities to ensure that the hero was not too powerful or not too weak upon launch.

Alongside my design work at SEMC, a large portion of my time went towards team and department meetings.  The purpose of these meetings were to discuss a variety of design and department decisions that varied in specificity from hero lore and balancing mechanics to new game modes and the direction of roles and resources to future milestones and deadlines that the department had to meet.  It was part of my job there to be involved in these discussions not only with the team but also with management leads in the department to ensure the effective designation of work for myself as well in conjunction with other members of the team.

From Rust

From Rust is a 2D digital dungeon crawler developed by Razbury Games.  My work at Razybury games consisted of conceptualizing and providing mock-ups for new gameplay mechanics as well as new user interface.  The core of my work over the duration of my time there was prototyping and delivering a new mechanic which involved the introduction of a multiple enemy combat encounter, when previously the game only supported fighting one monster at a time.  The intial milestones that I was tasked with were to effectively create a playable prototype for the team to work with and design further as well as create the intial mock-up screens for the encounters.  Afterwards I was tasked with further design and development of this mechanic to ensure a completely functional result upon introduction to the build.  The last major objective of my internship was working alongside another intern to produce a mock-up for the next iteration of UI for the games introductory and multiplayer screens to incorporate future game modes.

3D Portfolio